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Using surveillance, conducting witness interviews, and utilizing the best technologies, we will gather the critical evidence you need for your case.

Professional investigations in Broward, Collier, Monroe, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade counties, the Caribbean, and parts of South America.

Experienced Florida Investigators

Florida Agency License #2500284

Onyx P.I. Inc is a full-service private investigations agency based in Miami. Since 2000 we have helped attorneys, adjusters, corporations, and citizens make informed decisions based on our investigative findings. We are here to save each client time, money, and stress with our confidential and efficient investigations.

Our Onyx P.I. investigators are passionate about what we do and strive to provide each client with the results they are looking for. We collect all evidence within local, state, and federal law so it can be used in court. We cross reference our findings to ensure that we are providing clients with accurate information.

We offer a range of services and will tailor them to best suit our client's needs. If you need to hire a private investigator in Florida, give us a call at (305) 454-9905 or fill out our contact form to go over your case.

Florida Private Investigations

Florida Private Investigators

Surveillance Florida

Private Investigations

High-quality and thorough investigations for civil, business, and domestic matters. Using surveillance, witness interviews, and proven effective techniques we can get you the information you seek. Pricing varies from $75 - $150 per hour. Please contact us for a consultation.

  • Insurance Defense Investigations: Hiring a private investigator is a vital first step if you believe insurance fraud has occurred. Using surveillance, witness interviews, and other investigative methods we can gather evidence on workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims, and any other types of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud cost companies millions each year, don't fall victim to these claims - let our private investigators get you the answers you need.
  • Surveillance: Onyx P.I. Inc utilizes the most advanced technologies and proven effective methods to conduct surveillance. Our team uses high-definition cameras for videography and photography evidence and can closely surveil a subject of interest without sparking any suspicions. We are always discreet and thorough, making us the best choice for a surveillance investigator in Florida.
  • Personal Injury Claims: Fraudulent activities and personal injury claims are rising both in terms of monetary value and occurrences. To protect yourself and your company from such claims, it is essential to enlist a reliable private investigator. We have been successful in preserving numerous clients from unreasonable claims and are sure that even the most intricate fraudulent allegation can be identified and dismantled.
  • Child Custody Cases: Child custody cases are complex and need to be handled with discretion and care. We know how stressful these situations can be and will go over your case and determine a solution to best fit your needs. Whether you need evidence of how a child is treated in another home, abuse, employment, or something else, we can help.
  • Attorney Services: We offer locates, surveillance, background checks, witness statements, and our other investigative services for solo attorneys and law firms. We know how much attorneys have on their plates, let us gather the evidence you need for your case. All investigations are conducted within state and federal law, ensuring information that you can use in court.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

Location services used to track down hard-to-find individuals. Using online databases and comprehensive research we can uncover new information on a subject such as a phone number or address and use this knowledge to locate them.

Oftentimes a skip trace is needed to locate and serve papers to an evasive defendant. We can locate individuals in Miami, Florida, and nationwide.

Florida Background Checks

Background Checks

Comphrehensive background checks on a potential employee, spouse, or other people of interest. We utilize multiple databases to find all information possible so you are properly informed. We report all findings back to you in an organized and clear fashion. Our background checks can uncover information such as:

  • Debts
  • Identity Verification
  • Felonies
  • Misdomeaners
  • Credit History
  • Driving Records
  • Employment Records
  • Education History
  • Marriage Records

Process Service

Process Service

We deliver all types of court documents to notify a party of their involvement in a legal proceeding. Our Florida process servers are experienced, ensuring quick and efficient service. Our investigative background allows us to take on cases involving evasive defendants. If you need a professional process server in Miami, Broward County, or elsewhere - we will get the job done right! We serve all types of legal documents including

  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Subpoenas
  • Small Claims Documents
  • Family Law Documents
  • Notices

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Executive protection and security services for businesses, individuals, and property management. Our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals can provide 24/7 security, conduct security assessments, develop security plans, and coordinate with local law enforcement and other security agencies.

In addition to physical protection, executive protection services can provide personal protection against cyber threats, such as data breaches, hacking, and identity theft.

Nanny Camera

Covert/Nanny Cameras

Manufacturing and installation of covert cameras for peace of mind. Our discreet cameras can help confirm or put to rest your suspicions. Our technology is advanced and clear so you will have the answers you are looking for.

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Since 2019, I have been trying to find my ex-husband in order to have him served with a Restraining Order. My ex-husband was constantly moving, hiding and avoiding being served. Finally, one day I called a local private investigator and he advised me to call Onyx PI. I had long wondered whether it was feasible to hire a private detective for this case since Metro Dade Police was involved in serving the Restraining Order. As it turned out, David at Onyx did a very important job for me qualitatively and quickly. After speaking with David he agreed to take the case. At 6:30 am the following morning David advised me he had located my ex-husband and sent pictures of his car. He immediately acted, contacting the Metro Dade police who arrived and successfully served my ex-husband the Restraining Order. I am very grateful to David because he did what Metro Dade, Hollywood, Hallandale, North Miami police departments did not, which was locate my Ex. David did it in one day! I advise anyone who needs help to contact David and his team at Onyx PI. Now I live in a world without threats or manipulations from my ex-husband, because yesterday he was finally served. Thank you, David, thank you for your help!
- Olga F., Aventura Fl
Dave Tate is a true professional. Dave has performed numerous investigations for me over a twenty year period. His investigative skills are exemplary. Dave is a talented, ethical investigative professional. I strongly recommend Dave Tate for participation in your service.
-Sean M, CFE
Dave Tate and his team are excellent and proficient investigators who do what is necessary to get the job done. Very efficient, friendly and easy to speak to without judgement.
-Jessica T. Miami, FL October 4, 2023

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